Our sturdy portable springboard trainer will keep you comfortably moving with every breath you take, whether you sit on it or stand on it!

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Your BreathBoard trainer can go into your seat rest to make sitting your healthiest activity! That’s right, ‘chair up’ to enjoy aerobic activity while at work or leisure pursuits!

A comfortable BreathBoard trainer allows indoor weight-bearing activity to be convenient and relaxing for you. How does it work?
Sitting and standing activity on a Breathboard trainer can activate your autonomic nervous system via repetition of bending stretch in your lower torso, hips and legs. To gently induce body relaxation, there is no need to stand If you prefer sitting activity!

A foam roller under your feet isn’t necessary to assist your seated use of BreathBoard trainer. Heels of feet may rest on the floor or on anything else. Your upper legs should rest on the foam spring plate of trainer. The act of belly breathing will inevitably result in spring forces that facilitate simple rocking movements.

When standing on BreathBoard trainer there is no need to lift your feet for walking movements! How does it work?

Begin by having your body weight spread between both feet and keeping weight over ankles.

In the video above for standing use, I am using my heels as pivots to create leverage forces needed to turn my hips as in Aerobic Walking.

Keeping firm foot contact on trainer surface – press weight into one heel at a time. Body leverage will turn your hips naturally.

Then reverse hip turn – as you shift weight into other heel. Keep it going, heel to heel, for circulatory pump function of walking movements!

You may find it is easier to learn hip turns, if you make the motion of an underhanded ball toss. Again – both feet remain down – and you press bodyweight into heel that is opposite the arm making throwing motion.

Each leg alternates as the ‘support leg’ – just as happens in walking and running. Body weight motion activates springboard which absorbs energy from weight movements and returns nearly all of the energy. But within your body – circulatory pump function is accomplished by weight forces!

Fast or slow – you choose your pace! Goal is to maintain activation of  large total muscle mass of your torso, hips, and legs! Without tiring yourself or being distracted from work and leisure pursuits.

Springboard tilt should help you shift weight against heel of foot under support leg. The psoas muscles of body core are used in turning your hips to transfer weight side to side. Working  with body weight over hips whether using BreathBoard trainer or while you are out walking.

To go faster- press more of the weight bearing (support) foot against trainer surface as if you were on skates and going to move your body forward. Resistance of trainer surface is felt strongest at inside of heel (instep).  Keep both feet down at all times, and allow turn of hips to pass body weight side to side.

Aim to land weight transfer into forefoot over springs. Then as the hips complete their turn, your body weight is moving into heel as the support leg straightens. The overall movements of hips and legs are like Aerobic Walking practice.👍

Walking movements activate large total muscle mass of legs hips and torso. Circulatory function increases to strip bloodstream of sugar and fats, to improve daytime and nighttime breathing, and to protect circulatory function in legs, chest and back. Why park your hips in a seat?

The trainer platform is spring-loaded and constructed for walking movement enabled by mechanical advantage over gravity forces. This may sound complicated, but skillful walking (and running) movement relies on flexible hips, knees and ankles. So use this trainer daily to minimize joint stress impacts by training strength, mobility and flexibility. The BreathBoard trainer is known to the US Patent and Trademark Office as the ‘standing step trainer’ and is protected by US patent 10179261 which co its build for mechanical power and durability! As well as it’s athletic purpose to increase nitric oxide production and circulatory function!

Although activity in video is low-intensity, the weight bearing forces generated by your movements activate muscle circulatory pumps in your back, abdomen, legs and feet. Muscle pumps start up and will return blood and lymph from your legs despite opposition from gravity, and from the thick columns of fluid to be moved up from your feet.

Circulatory function has greater importance as we get older and typically also increase our weight. Why? Simplest reason is more work is done by moving our stiffer and / or heavier bodies. The extra oxygen needed for this is taken from circulation. In addition, BreathBoard movements aka StandingSteps™️ are less tiring, absolutely, because both feet stay down on platform. More oxygen but less tiring. A good start to feeling and looking healthier!

Doctor’s Note, “I endorse the StandingSteps™ Trainer heartily. I have been using the StandingSteps™ Trainer for several weeks and already have found that it improves circulation to my lower body, especially the calf muscles which no longer devil me with nocturnal claudication (spasm during sleep). Additional benefits so far include: better balance, and remarkable stability of my weight at a lower set point.
I have been recommending this to everyone I know, and several people have acquired this exercise device, some of them sedentary and some who exercise regularly.”
Dr. Mort Malkin
author of Walking—The Pleasure Exercise
and Aerobic Walking—the weight-loss exercise

Walking skill is honed through coordinating movements of the upper body, hips and legs. Over time you develop more familiarity with these movements while practicing the key emphasis on turning at the hips as we bend the leg receiving weight. Bending your leg simply helps your hips (working with gravity) to transfer weight downward. You are lowering most of your body weight with help from gravity! And this is easier than just standing with that weight opposing gravity! Let it down and the  springboard helps you get that weight back up again by helping you straighten your leg after bending it. You do not need to lift either foot or either heel so there are no distracting requirements for balancing body weight.

Be a better walker or runner by practicing on the comfortable BreathBoard trainer! This activity requires little or none of your attention to turn it on and leave it on! More active users will want to go for miles and miles and miles… Better than digits on your activity tracker, are strokes of the muscle circulatory pumps running in your legs, hips, back and abdomen muscles. Stronger strokes, gently strengthened by daily StandingSteps activity!

We proudly manufacture our patented BreathBoard trainer in the historic Saxonville Mills of Framingham, MA. The trainer is made of sustainably-grown Pennsylvania hardwood maple “engineered wood” that is only available from one US factory that has made its wood products for the highest quality flooring for over three decades! Only the best! And far stronger than required to support your physical activity. The trainer weighs less than six pounds so it is always ready where and when you are. Workouts while working! The trailhead is always at your feet, it doesn’t move, you move! At the end of your workday you can have more physical and mental resilience, and you will likely be more responsive throughout the day to the demands of your workplace, your coworkers and to serving your customers. It’s all yours, wherever you like to stand!

The cost per user is currently $99.95 and includes free ground shipping in the continental US. Group discounts and bulk pricing are available! Many years of use in the office and / or home are certainly to be expected from this quality aerobic exercise platform. The BreathBoard trainer is durable and carries a thirty-day guarantee (with only exception being scratches from footwear or contact with hard or sharp objects). Avoid shoes with sharp hard edges or remove shoes to use, unless a towel or mat is placed over foam surface while standing on it.

Below is link to brochure for this portable BreathBoard™ elliptical platform. Right-clicking link opens (pdf) to view, print or download.
brochure StandingSteps™

This general wellness product has an intended use for encouraging a healthy activity. It is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your doctor before beginning any new physical activity.

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BreathBoard™️ Activity either sitting or standing on, elicits autonomic reflexes for circulatory system and tension release!