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Better Standing Company is an innovative startup offering an entirely new approach to getting more exercise for strength and stress-resilience. GetBetterStanding™ exercise has gravity working on your body while your movements are guided by the StandingSteps™ bionic platform. The outcome of gravity managing your cardiovascular workout is that you are free to pursue work or leisure activities while gravity assists your body's circulatory pathways to deliver more oxygen and other vital factors where needed.

StandingSteps™ to Aerobic Walking

Wearing a step counter to track your physical activity suggests that all of your ‘steps’ are created equal. But to equal aerobic activity they must be weight-bearing and employ larger muscle groups for a sufficient time. This is the definition of aerobic activity emphasized by the Malkin Technique for Aerobic Walking for over three decades. It is the right definition because it recognizes that utilizing more oxygen will reliably turn on metabolic processes. Such processes rely on small blood capillaries to deliver oxygen. Metabolism changes proceed while these small capillaries are recruited to doing the work involved in circulation. Scaling up these processes higher is made possible by physical activity using larger muscle groups of the hips and legs.
By learning the Malkin Technique for Aerobic Walking we can increase the power in our steps and confidently achieve weight-bearing aerobic exercise in gentle fashion using fluid movements of the legs, hips and torso. You don’t need to lift either foot, just turn your hips and bend leg under each turn!
By using a portable elliptical StandingSteps™ trainer you are able to easily and comfortably increase circulation and practice your familiarity with and command of muscular contractions responsible for balanced movement of your legs, hips and torso.
But when do we find time for this? Simple, a portable elliptical Standing Steps trainer turns standing into a comfortable mode of exercise anywhere you wish to stand. Some will make time for aerobic activity at the beginning or the very end of an otherwise demanding day. A better solution may be climbing out of your chair for StandingSteps exercise more often throughout your day! This solution is the StandingSteps to Aerobic Walking Project, and will increase your flexibility while you are taking breaks from sitting throughout your day.

StandingSteps™ elliptical platform for increasing activity and resilience.

Globally rising prevalence of stress-related diseases has kept pressure on us to alleviate daily stress by exercising and especially exercising for relaxation. How does it work? Mild stress from physical exercise trains innate adaptive (coping) responses. More to the point, by choosing to generate productive stress we’re choosing to get stronger and have more stress resilience. Unproductive stress is like the salt (sodium) added to our diet that doesn’t help us to adapt and in larger amounts can lead to harmful effects (elevated blood pressure). It can be hard to resist stress that doesn’t make us stronger, we get so much of it from ‘parking our legs’ in chairs. But let me tell you how fantastic and easy it will be to get on your feet for productive stress – if you are able to stand and ready to have an active body to go with your active mind!

The StandingSteps™ bionic platform is a comfortable and easy to use innovation that lets you have your full attention on work or leisure while standing and exercising for relaxation. How does it work? The platform’s function is to get you to relax while standing by re-purposing the leverage forces your heavy body exerts on your ankles and feet. The bionic mechanism converts body weight leverage into simple repetitive motion, sparing your ankles and feet discomfort.  Your heels rest on a part of the platform that does not move at all while the platform tilts slightly under your forefeet. This gets you to gently bend your knees and ankles, causing your center-of-gravity to move and causing the springs under platform to store energy released by lowering your center-of-gravity. That stored energy then goes back into helping you to easily straighten your knees again. The process repeats because your forefeet press against the platform, causing it to tilt and your knees to bend again. Exercising on the portable StandingSteps bionic platform can be so easily ‘worked into’ other daily activities that we all love doing or simply comply with during our ‘work’ hours if you can have a ‘standing’ desk. Imagine! You leave the platform always feeling refreshed, and with lively legs to take you up that flight of stairs! The platform is portable and inexpensive, you can take one with you or have several platforms for different places in your day.

The ideal candidates for standing on this bionic platform understand this is about far more than strengthening their legs and ankles. Their goal is having all the productive stress that exercising allows us to have. The bionic platform lets them meet their goal while they’re spending productive time on other pursuits at work, home, classes, any place they wish to stand. Let’s shift focus then to how productive stress can be maximized by exercising. Harder, faster  exercise regimens are not a shorter path to all the ‘good’ stress we can have, no matter how many times someone says, “what doesn’t kill us, will make us stronger”. At the opposite extreme is exercising for relaxation – no strained efforts,  jarring impacts, or even very substantial rises in heart rate and breathing. This strength training is for ‘autonomic’ systems charged with essential functions of our being. Especially functions for handling oxidative stress that are decisive for how rapidly we age, how long we are here, and how malleable we are in the face of challenges.

Will exercising on the bionic platform produce all the good stress I can have from physical activity?  In other words, how important is it to add intensity (force) to muscle contractions? The answer may be – not so much, and here’s why. Productive stress from exercise is mainly mild oxidative stress that trains our adaptive capacities for managing oxidative stress. Knocking yourself out to get this ‘good’ stress is unnecessary, since oxygen utilization in active muscle fibers yields it normally. (see review on ‘Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress’) But to quote Woody Allen, “eighty percent of success is showing up”, or the circulation has to put the oxygen into muscle and that doesn’t happen while we are ‘parking our legs’. While we are sitting (or standing still) the circulation into inactive muscle drops nearly as much as if our heart stopped, or about 99% below circulation into exercising muscle! You can be certain that even very moderate weight-bearing leg muscle contractions will increase circulation substantially by a process called ‘functional sympatholysis‘. This process, if sustained, is where the ‘rubber meets the road’ in getting us on our way to having all the productive stress we can get from exercising. Simply allowing enough time for GetBetterStanding exercise is all you need to do to have all the productive stress from exercising.

Among benefits we expect from exercising what gets overlooked very often are substantial increases in circulation that most weight-bearing activity easily sustains. As in walking, for example, movement of our heavy bodies is up and down, as well as forward. The motion up and down, being in-line with major circulatory pathways and being periodic (knees bend and straighten), renders assistance to circulation of blood and lymph. How does it work? The up and down motion with the help of gravity acting on our heavy body exerts periodic forces on blood and lymph fluids. These fluids in turn exert ‘pulsatile’ forces on circulatory vessel walls to generate a vital signal throughout our body that increases circulation, even in the absence of any muscle contractions  (see explanation for Whole-Body Periodic Acceleration). The StandingSteps bionic platform was designed to allow you to sustain this assistance to circulation with only gentle bending of your ankles and knees. Turn it on and leave it on all day long and there is no more you need to do to have continual ‘good’ stress that exercise can provide.

Finally, the StandingSteps bionic platform makes it easy to increase the speed of your leg muscle contractions to increase consumption of fuel (ie calories) delivered by circulation to muscle, and to thereby increase the potential for weight-loss and blood sugar control. The speed you choose is up to you but may be increased with practice. Depending on your desire for more rapid leg muscle contractions associated with gentle bending and straightening of ankles and knees, your leg muscle contractions can easily be sustained at rates equivalent to similar leg muscle contractions while jogging and running. The platform mechanism leaves your autonomic postural balance control in charge of your leg movements while your attention is on work or leisure. Most of us have plenty of fuel ready to be burned while circulation is ‘turned on and left on’. Now, it is true that conversion of fuel to energy in muscle becomes more efficient when we are active for longer periods and on regular basis. In large part, this is true because the mitochondria in muscle fibers increased in size and number.  It is also true that more mitochondria allows for a cleaner, ‘safer’ energy production. (see study in humans) You eat and then seek a path for that fuel to be converted in muscle to have more strength and stress-resilience. Exercising for relaxation can do justice to this strategy, but only this bionic platform lets you pursue it while you are focusing your attention on work or leisure.  All the dots are connected!

Better Standing Company proudly manufactures in the USA. The StandingSteps bionic platform is patent-pending by application in the United States and other countries.

This general wellness product has an intended use for encouraging a healthy activity. It is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your doctor before beginning any new physical activity.

Copyright 2021,, Better Standing Company,Inc.

Alternative to walking steps is StandingSteps

We sit to take weight off our feet. Now we’re hearing too much sitting can take years off our life. We’re parking our legs in ‘handicapped’ spaces and hoping we won’t be ticketed and towed from there.

Parking our legs ignores we have them not only to move our feet. Using our legs to move our heavy bodies gets us the most accessible benefit of exercise – increased circulation of oxygen and other vital factors. We need our legs to move more oxygen!

The alternative to sitting is not to stand, it’s to
GetBetterStanding on an innovative bionic platform against which body weight can be comfortably leveraged. This platform spares our feet and ankles the punishments of standing and spares our bodies the penalties of sitting by enabling weight-bearing exercise.

Walking was until recent times an extremely popular past time and one that even those leading physically-demanding lives still made time for. Why? Because walking places a particularly good form of stress on our bodies and we respond to good stress in ways that afterward increases our resistance to more severe stress. Walking holds up extremely well when compared with other ways we can combat daily stress.

The forces of gravity that oppose motion of our heavy bodies while we are walking are also harnessed by exercising on the innovative bionic platform from Better Standing Company, Inc. These ‘inertia’ forces serve as signals within our circulatory pathways and lead to provisioning in muscle and nerve fibers of more oxygen and other vital factors. How does it work? Up and down motion while walking causes heavy blood and lymph fluids to stretch and strain flexible internal passages. Our bodies have always relied on these ‘cues’ to recognize bodily exertion and respond in autonomic fashion to widen circulatory paths for more oxygen delivery. Once widening begins, output from the heart rises as needed to keep blood pressure constant.

Doctors have always told us that walking strengthens the ‘heart’. More recently, research into how repetitive motion, as in walking, of our body center-of-gravity builds strength ‘head to toe’ by increasing circulation of oxygen and other vital factors. Like the up and down motion we do while walking, GetBetterStanding exercise prepares us for combating more severe stress. How does it work? As circulation rises, more oxygen gets transferred onto proteins in muscle, nerve, and other cell types. These oxygen carriers, eg. myoglobin in muscle fiber and neuroglobin in nerve fiber, hold onto oxygen within cells, and ‘provision’ it for subsequent energy production. Pre-loading oxygen or ‘pre-conditioning’ on a regular basis supports vital metabolic processes that manage our daily physical and emotional stress. Sleep is better supported when oxygen is provisioned into cells before bedtime. And daily physical activity certainly helps us to combat daily stress and take on challenges with vigor and excitement!

-GetBetterStanding exercise is the most efficient and comfortable means of moving our body weight in a head to toe direction to increase circulation of oxygen without distracting ourselves from work or leisure we can have while standing. StandingSteps™ movements are similar to walking motion, but can be faster and do not have us leaving the spot where we wish to take a stand against stress! Fifty or more miles of step-equivalents are possible for a person with eight or more hours comfortably spent on the StandingSteps bionic platform. Find out how far can you go with your projects on the StandingSteps bionic platform!

This general wellness product has an intended use for encouraging a healthy activity. It is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your doctor before beginning any new physical activity.

Copyright 2021, Better Standing Company,Inc.