Walk this way to Aerobic activity on StandingSteps™ Trainer

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Wearing a step counter to track your physical activity suggests that all of your ‘steps’ are created equal. But to equal aerobic activity they must be weight-bearing and employ large muscle groups for a sufficient time. This is the definition of aerobic activity emphasized by the Malkin Technique for Aerobic Walking for over three decades. It is the right definition because it recognizes that utilizing more oxygen will reliably turn on metabolic processes. Such processes rely on small blood capillaries to deliver oxygen and simply cannot proceed unless these small conduits are recruited to their work by increasing circulation. Turn it on and leave it on! Scaling up these metabolic processes is made possible by recruiting larger muscle groups to every step you take.
By learning the Malkin Technique for Aerobic Walking we can increase the power in our steps and confidently achieve weight-bearing aerobic exercise in gentle fashion using fluid movements of the legs, hips and torso. The Malkin Technique aims for coordinating and balancing large muscular contractions for walking. By your StandingSteps activity you are able to increase whole body circulation and to practice your familiarity with the coordination of hips and legs movements in Malkin Technique.
But when do we find time for this? Simple, a portable elliptical Standing Steps platform turns exercise into a comfortable mode of standing anywhere you like. Some will make time for aerobic activity at the beginning or at the very end of an otherwise demanding day. A better solution may be climbing out of your chair for StandingSteps activity at intervals throughout your day! This solution is the ‘StandingSteps to Aerobic Walking Project’! It is a comfortable innovative way to gain mastery over your metabolism and become more skilled in the Malkin Technique for Aerobic Walking during fitness breaks from sitting throughout your day.

This general wellness product has an intended use for encouraging a healthy activity. It is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your doctor before beginning any new physical activity.

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