Patent-pending nicotinamide (vitamin B3) and citric acid composition formulated with pure vegetable glycerin and corn starch – and nothing else. A truly novel, one of a kind, beauty bar! SkinShine is yours to try free with the purchase of a BreathBoard™️ Trainer for delivery in continental US.

To request your free SkinShine bar (with purchase) – please use the comment form here under BreathBoard product description.

Born to deter aging, but now bred to prevent bites of ticks and mosquitoes. Born free of harm – SkinShine A safer alternative to applying insecticides that are harmful to bees, birds and the environment!

SkinShine bar use to aid natural skin renewal processes and also to deter biting insects, is intended to follow rinsing skin with water and towel-drying to remove water. After a shower is perfect! And then use a dampened clean soft washcloth to hold bar, while lightly rubbing over skin. Leave the invisible ‘shine layer’ in place afterward to deter biting insects, such as ticks and mosquitoes. Slight stickiness may occur due to vegetable glycerin in SkinShine and this will be relieved by ‘buffing’ shine layer with washcloth.

One bar should last over 4 – 8 weeks of daily application. How many weeks will depend on your use and the overall area of body ‘shined’.

Nicotinamide (vitamin B3) has the ‘basic’ property to complement and partially neutralize its ‘acidic‘ partner. Nicotinamide has far more to recommend its use – as the perfect complement to daily use of the BreathBoard Trainer. So please stay tuned to learn more about how the developer of BreathBoard and SkinShine is fighting aging!

Please avoid application of SkinShine near the eyes. If skin sensitivity to citric acid develops with use and is uncomfortable for you, rinse sensitive areas with cold water and discontinue use over affected areas.

Try using SkinShine on the underarms to completely eliminate body odor – daily! Please be aware that shaving may temporarily increase sensitivity to SkinShine.

Walking movements while standing deepen rhythmic breathing!